Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Enough is enough!

Enough is enough! Our country is being overrun with illegals and our elected representatives do not seem to care. In fact, they want to facilitate the illegal entries. If this idea of letting illegals come in or stay here prevails then all the burglars in all the jails ought to be released. The burglars broke into homes. The illegals are breaking into my country, my home country. There is little difference in my mind.

Some leaders cite a need for the cheap labor that illegals provide. I wonder how long the price will be cheap once they are firmly in place here. Many American workers will find they cannot get jobs, ( that is already beginning.) Wages will fall and the American way of life will suffer horrendously. I heartily object to the idea that illegals will do work we will not do. It is not just picking tomatoes anymore. Ask any young man in college who would like to work in the building trades. Those jobs, among many others, are going to illegals.

Many come to help their families, and I can understand their feelings, but they never intend to Americanize in the country to which they come for help. They form exclusive Hispanic communities where the English language is ignored and our American ways are overlooked and laws are flouted. Too many form gangs, demand money, flood our hospitals, overflow our schools, fill the jails and generally create havoc. Many use fabricated Social Security numbers and falsified licenses. This causes further havoc for employers who are caught in a web of complicated laws when they try to authenticate an employee's status. Why in the world is it the law that you cannot ask someone if they are illegal? That is absurdity in action. Thank you senators and congressmen!

This push to make illegals comfortable is intrusive in so many ways. Why, for instance, should I, an American who speaks English, have to push one on a telephone for my own language? When that happens, I lose all sense of kindness or understanding for these people.

Why are we accommodating these people to such an extent? If I went to visit another country, I wouldn't expect the citizens to bend to my ways. I would try in every way to accommodate myself to their ways. These people are guests in our home. And, it is past time to tell the "guests" to go home.

People in power are all too concerned with pacifying these illegals and what they want. What about what the America citizens want? What about illegals who drive without license or insurance? Sure, they can go to any hospital and we pick up the bill. Who picks up my bill? I do and I am on a fixed income. However, I pay every month for car insurance and medical insurance. What is this nonsense about sanctuary cities? Government officials who go along with that are breaking the law and flagrantly at that and they ought to go to jail.

All of this is terribly unfair to the taxpayers and it is unfair to the good people who want to come here legally. Some of those have been waiting forever to get into a country they will appreciate. They are willing to learn English, have a sponsor so that they do not go on public assistance, assimilate into our culture and become model citizens. No one is giving them instant access to the country.

Most of the illegals do not appreciate anything American except the largesse that we provide them. I am tired of hearing the term Mexican-American or any other hyphenated American. If they cannot be American first then they should go back from where they came. Moreover, my feelings have nothing to do with racism. I don't care if people are black, brown, white or purple. But I do care if they threaten our American way of life.

It is way past time to fortify the border, seal it off and deport those who come here illegally. I don't want to hear one more politician say it cannot be done with reference to deportation. A mountain can be moved one shovel-full at a time. It may take time. It will take courage of conviction but it can be done.

What a disappointment the leadership of this country in the last decades has been. I have decided that if a senator and congressman will not listen to us then I will send a contribution to whoever runs against them. The problem starts from the top and runs clear down to state and city governments. The voter holds the future in their hands. It is time to throw out the people who have their own future in mind, rather than that of the United States.

President Bush speaks often about the War on Terror. Okay, I firmly believe that there is a war on terror. But how can we fight it successfully if our borders are wide open and any terrorist can make their way in with little or no difficulty.

Some people have good hearts and no sense at all. They would, for instance, put water stations and other help along the way of the illegal path. That is ludicrous. I don't want to see any one die of thirst in a desert. But no one forced them to take that path and helping them to come in illegally is beyond the pale. Have these ninnies thought of how many of those sneaking over the border mean to do serious harm to us? If we have another 9/11 by illegals that came over the border and I include the Canadian border as well, many of these same people will be guilty of aiding and abetting. Close the border, build the fence, and deport illegals immediately.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

See what happens -

This blog is for my right- wing conservative Irish Catholic mother to share with the world her wisdom (insert right-wing rants), Insight (insert Right wing sound bite) hopefully she can take over the whole thing soon this blog will be very different compared my stuff...

(Funny thing how there are no more Bush loving Republican's in my family anymore even the most conservative seem to forget what party they were in and who they voted for the last two elections - Snicker - )